As the first and only firestop contractor certified by UL in the country, we stand out in the field of fire and explosion safety. The company's explosion-proof products for buildings and equipment are internationally recognized, including certifications like FM or ATEX, demonstrating a commitment to top safety standards. In the field of building explosion protection, products like the LS-EV01 explosion venting fastener, LS-JS1800 traction cable, and LS-EPB stamped metal composite panel not only showcase innovative technology but also ensure structural stability and safety. The equipment explosion protection series, including explosion venting panels and flameless venting devices, utilize advanced technology to effectively prevent and manage explosion risks in industrial environments caused by dust and gases.

The Battery Energy Storage System Explosion Venting Device (LS-BESS) is specially designed to prevent explosion risks due to thermal runaway in battery energy storage systems, significantly contributing to the safe operation of containerized battery storage systems in smart grids. Liansuo also offers professional consulting services in building and equipment explosion protection, and explosion simulation analysis. Adhering to the principle of "Connecting innovation, seeking for excellence," Liansuo is committed to continuous technological innovation to become a leading brand in the field of fire and explosion safety.

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