BESS explosion venting device wins Taiwan patent!

Our company’s innovative BESS explosion venting device has successfully obtained Taiwan patent certification. This breakthrough technology will not only become a core component of the smart grid, but also further consolidate our leading position in the field of thermal runaway management technology for energy storage equipment .

This product has outstanding advantages and strictly follows the NFPA68/855 international standards, ensuring a scientifically reasonable venting area. The precise setting of the opening pressure value effectively avoids premature venting caused by misoperation or adverse weather conditions. The simple design is easy to maintain, significantly reducing operating costs. We use FM-certified explosion venting membranes to ensure high product quality and safety. Our proprietary folded edge anti-leakage technology effectively prevents water accumulation inside the energy storage box. The innovative stainless steel enclosed fixed technology ensures long-term consistent tightness.

Furthermore, this product has excellent waterproof performance and an efficient thermal insulation layer design, not only ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment, but also significantly improving energy utilization efficiency. Liansuo will continue to be committed to providing innovative and efficient products and services , promoting the further development of energy storage technology, and comprehensively ensuring the safety and economic benefits of our customers. Choose Liansuo, the best partner for smart energy storage!


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