Explosion Isolation Flap

The explosion isolation valve is a highly effective explosion-proof device that can effectively curb the spread of explosions caused by various types of dust, including organic dust, molten dust, coarse dust, and metal dust, with the highest explosion level reaching St 3. Even dust with extremely low minimum ignition energy (MIE) and minimum ignition temperature (MIT) can be reliably blocked.

This innovative explosion-proof valve can be seamlessly integrated into extraction systems with either pull or push flow, flexibly adapting to complex pipe layouts between the protected equipment and the valve installation point. It can deliver outstanding protective performance even in the presence of obstacles or curved pipe sections. It is worth mentioning that the explosion isolation valve can significantly enhance the pressure resistance (pmax) and maximum pressure relief pressure (pred, max) of the protected container, further reducing the risk of explosion propagation.

Our explosion isolation valves have passed ATEX certification and meet the strict requirements of international standards such as EN 15089, EN 16447, and NFPA 69. By choosing our products, you can provide comprehensive explosion protection for your industrial facilities, ensuring reliable and all-around explosion protection for your industrial facilities.