Quick-acting Slide Valve

Quick-acting Slide Valves are primarily used to prevent the spread of explosions between different units of a production process. Once the system detects an explosion, the Quick-acting Slide Valve immediately activates. The control unit rapidly triggers the closing mechanism, completely cutting off the pipeline within milliseconds, effectively isolating the explosion source and preventing pressure waves and flames from propagating to adjacent equipment.

This innovative explosion-proof valve maintains reliable sealing performance even in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. At the same time, its compact design and flexible installation methods enable it to adapt to various complex pipeline layouts and meet the explosion-proof requirements of different industrial scenarios.

Our Quick-acting Slide Valves strictly comply with the requirements of international standards such as EN 15089 and NFPA 69. By choosing our Quick-acting Slide Valves, you can provide more reliable and comprehensive explosion isolation protection for your industrial facilities.