Stamped Metal Composite Panel

LS-ERB stamped metal composite panel employs cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. Through the strong compression composite technology of fiber-reinforced cement and perforated galvanized steel sheet, this innovative fire and explosion resistant panel has been successfully created. This panel not only brings revolutionary solutions to the construction industry, but its unique design combined with high-performance materials ensures effective protection while being easy to install and lightweight.

It can be used as fire and explosion resistant walls/roof/ceiling, specially designed to withstand the impact of explosions, suitable for industrial sites storing flammable gases, liquids or dust. It adopts specialized materials and structural design to withstand the high pressure, high temperature and impact generated by explosions, effectively guiding the explosive force away from critical equipment and personnel, greatly reducing damage and injury.


Product Advantages

· Passed CNS Class 1 fire resistance test, providing excellent fire protection.

· Diversified surface treatments, including smooth finish and electrostatic powder coating options, reducing subsequent maintenance work.

· Standard specification size is 2400mm*1200mm*9.5mm, meeting most construction needs.

· Simple and quick installation, without requiring professional tools or complex procedures, to achieve the expected blast resistance effect.